RLC Appraisals is a fine and decorative arts appraisal and consulting firm offering appraisal services at affordable rates. All appraisals are carefully researched and documented and accurately reflect current market trends. The firm offers appraisals for the purpose of estate, capital gains, gift tax, charitable contributions, insurance coverage, damage, loss, equitable distribution and resale.


 We specialize in the appraisal of antiques and residential contents, which includes but is not limited to: Art Glass, Furniture, Fine Art, Paintings, Collectibles, & Jewelry.

Appraisal services can be provided for sale of property, claims settlements, insurance coverage, damage or loss claims, federal estate tax, charitable donation, division of property or general information.

Know the value of what you have before you sell or donate. If you have questions about the valuation of a particular type of object, please contact us for an initial consultation to discuss your individual needs.


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